How to Host a Hybrid Event

Don’t know what a Hybrid Event is? Check out this Blog Post or this Wikipedia Article. Hybrid Events are one of the top 4 trends facing the event industry in 2021. Virtual events were the norm in 2020, but with COVID slowly looking like it’s behind us, many event administrators are looking to re-instate physical… Continue reading How to Host a Hybrid Event

Orientation App Best Practices

Introduction An orientation app is a great way to provide your orientation programming nowadays since incoming students are digital natives, many of whom have used mobile phones their whole lives.  That said, the effectiveness of an orientation app is directly tied to how you implement your app. Considerations on the content you use as well… Continue reading Orientation App Best Practices

Benefits of an Orientation App

Nowadays mobile phones and mobile content have become ubiquitous in our lives. Moreso in the lives of young students, mobile is the defacto way they consume content.  An orientation app that houses all your orientation programming is a great way to better meet students where they are.  Below, we look at the various benefits an… Continue reading Benefits of an Orientation App

How to Create an Orientation App in 2021

While not the most recent trend, for many university coordinators, hosting event programming in a mobile app still isn’t the most familiar idea in the world. In this simple step-by-step guide, we lay out how you can easily create an orientation app for your university’s welcome program. Understand What an Orientation App is An Orientation… Continue reading How to Create an Orientation App in 2021