Five Ideas for your Next New Student Orientation

Orientations are some of the most difficult events to plan for. Because every university is different, orientations don’t really have a completely standard format.

As an event planner, you really have to come up with activities that fit particularly for your students and university environment. To that end, we’ve prepared 10 ideas for you to consider for your next event!

1. Online Orientation

What is it?

Online Orientation can refer to many things. The obvious definition is an orientation program that’s well, mainly online.

In this case though, Online Orientation refers to a very specific type of online programming. It usually involves a series of videos, organized in chapters known as modules. At the end of a module, typically there might be a quiz.

A Demo Online Orientation

Why It’s Good for Orientation?

Orientations always involve some degree of educating students of things they need to know before campus.

Online Orientation can be a great way to present this information to students in a way that’s not too cumbersome, but that can also be done before they arrive on campus and in their own time.

2. Event App

What is it?

An Event App is basically an event program, but distributed as a mobile app instead.

They can have features like a Schedule, Survey, Live Analytics, and way more.

A Sample Event App

Why It’s Good for Orientation?

Every large event has a program, but in 2021 students prefer to receive their program as a mobile app, rather than a small booklet.

Event Apps open up some unique features to your team as well, like the ability to blast out a push notification or the ability to track which “pages” in your program students were most interested in.

3. Advising Hours

What is it?

Many orientations require students to schedule an advising session before they come to campus at orientation. This advising can be general, or related specifically to courses.

Why It’s Good for Orientation?

Pretty straightforwardly, a little advice can go a long way. Many students might not know about advising, or be interested in it, even it would greatly benefit them.

4. Campus Resources and FAQ

What is it?

Campus resources is a simple section in either your event website or event app where you provide an easy to digest set of pages providing details about your campus.

Why It’s Good for Orientation?

Students are itching to learn more about their new campus.

Providing a vast breadth of content for them to peruse can help them come to campus more prepared. Additionally, if your event page is too barren of content, it might feel a bit unprofessional and unprepared to other stakeholders.

5. Keynote Speakers

What is it?

We’re sure you’ve heard of speakers at large events. At orientation it’s very typical to have a speaker either at the very beginning of the event or at the end, where students are released from orientation.

Why it’s Good for Orientation?

Speakers, particularly with the right, thoughtful or motivational content, can really help students feel like they’re entering a new chapter of their life.

Other Great Ideas

We won’t go through every activity in detail, but here are some more ideas worth checking out.

  • A Virtual Student Organization Fair
  • A Campus Treasure Hunt
  • Summer Camps
  • Admissions Checklist(s)
  • Vaccine Requirements

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