How Much Does Hosting a Virtual Career Fair Cost?

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With the rise of virtual career fairs, the first question on everyone’s mind when considering hosting one is “how much will this cost me?”. In this article, we give you a quick ballpark range of how much your fair will cost and factors to consider that may influence the price.


The cost of hosting a virtual career fair typically ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000+ per fair. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the fair, the more it will cost.

The main expense that virtual career fair providers, such as, incur is paying for video chat usage. Therefore, the more employers, the longer the fair or the more attendees you invite will all increase the cost you should expect.

To be more specific, the price will depend on factors such as:

  • # of employers attending
  • length of the fair (typically measured in hours or days)
  • # of virtual career fairs hosted per year
  • live support requirements
  • vendor-specific additions

The sections below will detail approximately how much these factors will influence the cost.

Number of Employers attending

Most vendors will include X seats for employers in their base virtual career fair package. However, once you’ve exhausted the initial number of seats, you will typically be charged an additional fee on a per-employer basis. Costs can range from $50 – $200+ per additional employer.

Length of the Virtual Career Fair

Most vendors will charge extra if a virtual fair spans across multiple days. The additional cost per day varies widely from vendor to vendor but will typically be between $500 – $5000+ per additional day. The additional cost per day may also depend on the number of employers attending the virtual fair.

Number of Virtual Career Fairs hosted per year

Like most software vendors, virtual career fair providers will often decrease the cost of hosting each individual fair if you choose to host multiple virtual career fairs with the same provider. Many vendors will also include an “unlimited” package, meaning that you can host as many virtual career fairs as you’d like for a flat annual fee.

Live Support Requirements

If you’d like your vendor to directly answer attendee support requests when the event is live, this is typically an additional fee based on the length of the event. This will typically range from $200-$500 per hour of live customer support.

Vendor-Specific Features

Many vendors will have additional features that you can purchase beyond the “default” set of features included in the base package. Whether these features even exist and how much they cost (if there is an additional cost involved) will vary wildly from vendor to vendor. Here are some features to consider that may cost extra depending on the vendor:

  • Video Chat. Older virtual career fair platforms tend to be focused on text-chat and may charge extra to use their video chatting functionality.
  • Webinars / Group Sessions. Some vendors only allow 1-on-1 video chats by default.
  • Exporting Analytics Data. Some vendors charge extra to export analytics data into a spreadsheet.
  • Branding. Some vendors charge extra for you to brand your environment with your own logo and colors.
  • Custom Domain. Some vendors charge extra for you to use your own domain rather than a subdomain of theirs.
  • Marketing Assets. Some vendors may charge extra to create marketing assets such as flyers and posters that you can use.

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