What is a Virtual Career Fair? Step by Step.

If you’ve never attended one, the concept of a virtual career fair might be confusing.

That said, if you know how physical career fairs work, it’s not hard to get a grasp on virtual ones. They’re designed to fulfill the same role, just virtually.

To put it shortly, Virtual Career Fairs simulate Physical Career Fairs when possible. Key differences include the use of Video Sessions and a Digital Event Hall.

How a Typical Virtual Career Fair Works

The best way to understand how a fair works is to read a step-by-step process. We’ve included a process for students and employers below.

For Students

  • Click on the Event Link
  • Create your Profile for the Event
    • Set your Name, Major, Year in the System
    • Upload your Resume
Creating a profile for a virtual event should be just like other websites you’re used to
  • Browse the Employers who will be attending the Fair
Browsing a virtual fair usually involves scrolling through digital employer booths
  • Book Sessions with Employers you are interested in
  • Show up for your Pre-Booked Video Sessions
Video Session
Video Sessions are just what they sound like. Somewhat formal Zoom calls.
  • Have 1-on-1 Chats with Employers, just like you would at a physical fair
  • Follow up with Employers and Job Openings you’re interested in, outside of the Platform


  • Request to be Invited to the Virtual Career Fair
    • This might entail reaching out to the organizer, or a registration form the organizer will send out
  • Receive an Invitation from the VCF Platform
  • Set up your Employer/Booth Profile
Most Virtual Career Fair Platforms should make setting up your employer booth very straightforward, image is from the Eventus.io platform, for example.
  • Wait for Students to sign up for sessions with your booth
  • Browse your pre-booked sessions, and prepare for the day of the fair
A sample booth that’s been booked by several students
  • Conduct your video sessions with students


  • Note that virtual career fair platforms can actually come in different forms. It really depends on the platform the event organizer opted to use. Many will follow the general formula listed above.
  • If you’ll be attending a virtual career fair, make sure you double check the dress code. If you’re not sure, business casual is probably a safe bet. Sometimes a fair will warrant business professional dress, if explicitly stated.

Have Any Questions?

Eventus.io facilitates virtual career fairs for universities worldwide. We’re experts in hosting and running virtual career fairs with our leading event software. If you have any questions, or are looking to host your own virtual fair, as a university or employer, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

By Patrick Monaghan

Product Manager at Eventus.io

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