Why Virtual Hiring Events are Here to Stay

A job fair, also commonly referred to as a career fair or job expo, is an event centered around conversations in which recruiters ensure a company’s hiring criteria properly align with potential job candidates.

Prior to the pandemic, Job fairs were typically held in person but amid the pandemic, the sudden shift from face-to-face to online carried over to job searching and recruiting. Virtual career fairs seemed to appear overnight and are arguably here to stay, for various deserving reasons. 


Higher accessibility without barriers

  • This one is as straightforward as it gets. Would you rather drive, find parking, and then wait in long lines, dedicating a full day for a 15-30 minute interview? Or partake in a job fair, from the convenience of a laptop or mobile phone- regardless of location. And still, engage in the online fair in a fraction of the time one would need to commit to an in-person fair.
  • The format of online job fairs allows candidates to engage with more recruiters in the same or shorter amount of time. Thanks to online job fairs, the hiring process can be smooth and easy, giving back countless hours and removing unnecessary friction.

Smoother Conversations 

  • The Eventus.io Online Job Fair platform is centered around pre-scheduled video chats. Whether in-person or virtually, there’s no need to wait in long lines. Our solution is meant to connect recruiters and candidates in the most practical way, where everyone’s time is used effectively.  

Economical + Eco Friendly

  • The large in-person gatherings for job fairs are a money sinkhole. Just considering the basic costs- venue rental, travel, technical assistance, and hotel accommodations can easily stack up costing thousands. Not to mention the various external costs that always pop up when traveling. 
  • In tandem with the environmental footprint, this is its own type of waste entirely. Online job fairs remove the carbon footprint left by hundreds or thousands of people traveling to participate in a job fair. 

Whether a company is hiring 10 new employees or 1,000 employees monthly/quarterly/yearly- Online Job Fairs are proving that this innovative alternative to in-person hiring events is helping bridge the gap between companies and their dream candidates, even if they’re on opposites sides of the world or a 30-minute traffic-jammed commute away. 

By Elizabeth Holt

Customer Success at Eventus.io

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