Interior Health (IH) is a major public healthcare provider offering services to the southern interior region of British Columbia, Canada. Their services range from hospital care, home and community care, diagnostics services, and more.

Labor Shortage

Like many other healthcare providers, IH was dealing with the ramifications of the pandemic and ensuing labor shortage. In this new normal IH needed a way to properly reach and engage talent.

IH hosted in-person meet-and-greets; however, IH found it costly and logistically difficult to bring hiring managers from various cities together. Furthermore, they found that many candidates didn’t like making the drive to engage in-person when a virtual video chat would suffice.

To remedy this, IH hosted virtual Zoom sessions, but it often was difficult to organize attendees into various breakout rooms to coordinate the right conversations between all the hiring managers and candidates.

IH found that they needed a new solution that could help them connect with candidates virtually and streamline the logistics of coordinating video chats between the right hiring managers and candidates.

Eventus Virtual Job Fair

To accomplish this, IH used the Eventus Virtual Fair platform to host virtual hiring events where prospective professionals could connect with the right hiring managers.

Interior Health Virtual Career Fair Booths Page
Interior Health Virtual Career Fair Resume Drop
Interior Health Virtual Career Fair Filtering

At the virtual fair, hiring managers hosted digital booths that showcased their opportunities. Candidates could directly book a 1-on-1 video chat or drop off a resume at these booths to connect with a hiring manager.

Additionally, candidates were automatically pre-screened at the booths to ensure that they had the proper prerequisites to apply for the opportunities.